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Pitmaster X

Pitmaster X Offset Smoker

Pitmaster X Offset Smoker

  • Superior Built Quality
  • Large effective cooking surface
  • Best flavor
  • Easy to use

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Product information

Superior Heat Distribution and Control

Designed with precision-engineered baffle plates and adjustable dampers, this offset smoker ensures even heat distribution throughout the cooking chamber. This allows for precise temperature control, essential for achieving the perfect smoky flavor in your meats.

Robust Build and Durability

Constructed from heavy-gauge steel with reinforced welding, our offset smoker is built to last. The sturdy construction withstands high temperatures and harsh weather conditions, providing you with a reliable smoking experience for generations to come.

Large Cooking Capacity

Featuring an expansive cooking chamber and large removable racks, this smoker offers ample space to smoke large quantities of food simultaneously. Perfect for hosting gatherings, catering events, or simply enjoying a variety of smoked dishes at home.

Enhanced Smoke Infusion

The specially designed offset firebox allows for a consistent and controlled smoke flow into the main chamber. This design maximizes the infusion of rich, smoky flavors into your food, creating a distinctive taste that sets your barbecue apart.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Equipped with user-friendly features such as a built-in temperature gauge, easy-access firebox door, and removable ash pan, this smoker simplifies the smoking process. Additionally, the high-quality materials used in its construction make cleaning and maintenance straightforward and hassle-free.

All pitmaster X handcrafted offset smokers are giving their own unique number. This makes your smoker unique and even more valuable.

Did you know?

Flavor Masters: Offset smokers are like the wizards of flavor. By using different types of wood, you can infuse your meat with a variety of smoky tastes—from European Oak to a lighter flavor beech or fruit.

Weather Warriors: Offset smokers are tough! They can handle all sorts of weather conditions, from sunny days to snowy winters. Just be prepared to bundle up if you’re smoking in the cold.

Smoke and Mirrors: Mastering an offset smoker can feel like performing a magic trick. It’s all about controlling the fire and airflow, and when you get it right, you’ll impress everyone with your culinary wizardry.

Smoke Signals: Offset smokers are so good at generating smoke that they could have been used for ancient smoke signals! Your backyard BBQ might just attract some curious neighbors (or even distant relatives).

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Offset smokers are the epitome of patience in the culinary world. Some of the best barbecues take upwards of 12 hours, giving you plenty of time to perfect your lounge chair technique.


8mm thick steel

Tel-true thermometer

Industrial wheels

Stainless steel handel bars


Q: How does an offset smoker differ from other types of smokers?
A: An offset smoker features a separate firebox attached to the side of the main cooking chamber. This design allows for indirect heat and smoke to flow into the cooking chamber, creating a distinct smoky flavor and providing better heat control compared to vertical or electric smokers.

Q: Are offset smokers beginner-friendly?
A: While offset smokers can have a steeper learning curve compared to some other types of smokers, they are not too difficult for beginners to master. With a bit of practice and patience, even novice pitmasters can achieve excellent results by learning to manage the fire, airflow, and temperature.

Q: What kind of fuel should I use in my offset smoker?
A: Offset smokers typically use wood as their primary fuel sources. Many enthusiasts prefer using hardwoods like oak, hickory, or mesquite to impart specific flavors to the meat. It's important to use quality, dry wood or charcoal to maintain consistent heat and produce clean smoke.

Q: How can I maintain a consistent temperature in my offset smoker?
A: Start a small fir in the fire box, burning it down into a bed of ambers. Followed by placing larger splits of wood to warm up the smoker. Adjust the air intake and exhaust dampers to control airflow, which helps regulate the temperature.

Q: What common mistakes should I avoid with an offset smoker?
A: Some common mistakes include:

  • Using too much wood or charcoal at once, leading to excessive smoke and uneven heat.
  • Not preheating the smoker properly before adding the food.
  • Opening the cooking chamber too frequently, causing temperature fluctuations.

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